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Weekend Knowledge Dump- April 16, 2021

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Peep Sight vs Open Sight: A Tale of Two Radii

Interesting data.  I enjoy reading casual studies like this one.  Want more science?  Read DO YOU NEED A VERTICAL FORE GRIP ON YOUR RIFLE: RESEARCHERS HAVE AN ANSWER.




Massad Ayoob provides us with a history lesson about the “best millimeter.”



Advantages of Wearing a Mask for the Conceal Carrier

I’m not a fan of masks. I believe the benefits of their very limited effectiveness do not outweigh the hassles they create. With that said, I wear my mask in public where it is required. There’s no sense in tempting the crazies or standing out even more than normal.



Trade-in Temptation


Tim provides some excellent advice about buying police trade-in guns…and I’m exceptionally jealous of his 3″ Model 10.



Aggressive Dogs: The Utility of Sticks v Guns

This advice echoes my personal experience.  In my police career, I had to respond to two different incidents where dogs were actually attacking humans or other pets.  In both of them, I deployed my ASP baton.  The first pair of aggressive dogs ran off as soon as I opened the baton.  In the second case, I had to hit a dog who was chewing on a jogger.  One strike caused the dog to run away.

Speaking about less lethal weapons, you should also read/watch 8 awful self-defense products.  Caleb gets the analysis correct.



6 Concealed-Carry Tips You Need to Know

Good advice for concealed carriers.  Want better advice?  Don’t carry in the small of your back.



Sex and Guns: Safer not Safe

Dr. Yamane offers a useful analogy.




I really like this series of articles where Kevin documents gelatin test results from common defensive calibers fired through a residential wall before impacting the ballistic gel block.  The test results are very informative, but I don’t know that I would consider any of the rounds he tested as top tier defensive ammunition.  My guess is that we would see some different results if he shot one of the solid copper (GMX-style) bullets, bonded ammo like Gold Dot, or 77 grain OTM.

In addition to gelatin performance, we should also consider accuracy when choosing a defensive rounds.  Here are some more .223 ballistic tests you might find informative: 7 of the Best 55 Grain 5.56 / 223 Rounds Compete Head to Head.



The Police Pendulum

Brilliant commentary about the nature of police/community relations.  It covers how and why many communities have lost faith in the police officers who serve them.  Furthermore, the author postulates that this attitudinal swing of the pendulum may not be followed by a return trip back to “normal.” 

Yes, there have been numerous periods in history when the cops were despised by much of society.  This current incarnation of police hate is very different than than past episodes.  We may not recover from it.  If you have any interest whatsoever in policing trends, this article is mandatory reading.



Realistic De-escalation Strategies (John’s Briefs)

De-escalation strategies for the armed citizen.



Appropriate Guns and Training


A very extensive interview with Claude Werner discussing CCW for the average person and carrying in the “non-permissive environment”. Claude is truly one of the most innovative thinkers in the firearms training field. This interview with him is older but definitely worth the read.

For newer material, check out Claude’s take on the importance of the first shot.




In this podcast episode, John Hearne educates us about some historical facts that explain why we do things the way we do them.  Training nerds (like me) will really like this one.  His follow-up episode Cognitive Load was also highly informative.



Ten reasons good men matter in good times and bad

“Women complain today that men are dangerous. And you know what? Men are dangerous. And we need them to be. It’s their historic and their biological function to be dangerous in protection of and provision for life, family, community, principles, and more.

One function of civilization (and of mothers and fathers) has always been to see that the dangerous traits of males are directed into healthy, productive channels or are given non-deadly outlets. That’s fine. That’s as it should be. But trying to make males harmless harms them and harms all of society.”



What To Do In The Event Of A Bomb Blast


If you can’t get distance or shielding from an explosion or grenade blast, here is the next best thing to do.



Becoming an Expert Learner

“Observe yourself. Learn how you learn. Then make sure that you ask the questions you need to ask, get the repetitions you need to get, or whatever it is you need to do. I’ve asked a lot of questions of my teachers that seem silly to my classmates, but they put something in perspective for me. Don’t be afraid to ask it if you need it. That’s what you are paying for —whether it’s firearms training, school, or whatever.”



Bibb County Deputy Christopher Knight Murdered By Handcuffed Inmate

Police duty knives (especially fixed blades) should not be visible to the prisoner or the general public. If the criminal doesn’t see it, he is unlikely to grab it. This is not the first time an officer has been cut by his own blade. Balancing access with concealment is incredibly important for the uniformed officer. Knives openly mounted on external body armor carriers are a “no-go” for me.



Surviving a Mass Shooting

The long term psychological implications of surviving a mass shooting event.  For more school shooting research, read the US Secret Service’s study on Averting Targeted School Violence.



1978 American Handgunner

FireShot Screen Capture #145 - 'American Handgunner Sept_Oct 1978 - HSO78_pdf' - americanhandgunner_com_1978issues_HSO78_pdf

A little history for you.  Check out the full PDF copy of a 1978 vintage American Handgunner magazine.



Be Fast, Be Accurate, Be the Best

What I’m reading…

Re-reading this one in preparation for taking an upcoming training class on a Rogers Range.



Concealed Carry: Pros & Cons of Ankle Carry

A look at the relative advantages and disadvantages of ankle carry.  Take a look at the photos in the article.  Most people who carry on their ankles carry the gun strapped to the inside of the weak side leg.  When you see photos (like the above) demonstrating carrying on the outside of the strong side leg, exercise some caution.  Those folks probably don’t carry like that regularly.  It seems that all the good ankle holsters are correctly modeled while all of the substandard holster companies show their products mounted on the strong side.



Pistol Shooting Drill – War HOGG Ghost Reload

A good way to get a few extra reps.



What confiscation will look like: Delaware set to criminalize standard-capacity mags

I think we are going to see an awful lot of this type of legislation being enacted all around the country in the next few years.  Countless gun owners will have to decide if it’s worth felony convictions to keep objects that today are completely legal and unrestricted.  The time to contemplate making this decision is now, not when the cops are knocking on your door with a warrant.




Roy Huntington discusses revolvers.  For more revolver content, read MY TWO CENTS ON REVOLVERS AND GUNFIGHTING (PART ONE).

and Running Double-Action Revolvers.



Ransom Gangs Emailing Victim Customers for Leverage

A new ransomware tactic you should be aware of.



Types Of Guns Used In Mass Public Shootings 1998 Through March 2021

Quality data from an exceptionally reliable source.  Be an intelligent ambassador to the shooting world.  Don’t hammer people with stats like these to convince them that “your side” is the better one.  Doing so may eventually hurt the cause.  People don’t like feeling dumb.  If you are trying to convince a person to join “Team Gun,” you’ll be far more successful if you educate them while making them feel good about learning.

These statistics have been very similar for several decades.  The facts are already out there.  You making another Facebook post is not going to change anyone’s mind about guns.  The issue is an emotional one and runs deeper than the “facts” both sides claim.  Appealing to the “other side” by just providing more statistics and facts isn’t likely to be a productive use of your time.  Be a resource, not a bludgeon.



Concealed Carry: Street Encounter Skills and Tactics (Gilead, OH)

For my Central Ohio readers,  my friend John Murphy will be teaching here in June.  This is an excellent course and you should sign up to take it.




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