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Weekend Knowledge Dump- July 23, 2021

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Dealing with Challenges in Rainy Weather Part One

Four well-known firearms instructors weigh in about the effect rain has on a training class.


MA Officers Used LRAD to End Standoff with Rise of Moors

New technology about which you should be familiar.  For more details, read Understanding the LRAD, the “Sound Cannon” Police Are Using at Protests, and How to Protect Yourself From It.



4-Minute AK Fixes


Some very ingenious AK improvements for you home tinkerers.



Training Program for New Ruckers

Rucking (fast walking while carrying a load) is an excellent exercise.  I do it several times a week and find it easier on my joints than long distance running.  This article provides a good beginner’s workout template.

You can carry a backpack full of weight, but for efficiency I use the Zelus 20 pound weight vest.  It adds a load in a comfortable manner that keeps you from becoming miserable.  The Zelus vest is inexpensive and far more comfortable than any other weighted vest options I’ve tried.



Visually Neutral

Lee illustrates how chaotic the response to an active killer situation can be and urges you to adopt a non-threatening posture as you engage with responding cops.  The article he referenced at the beginning of the video is HERE.



Constitutional Carry and Permitless Carry: Breaking Down the Pros and Cons

Discussing the pros and cons of various methods of legal firearms carry.



Edible Weeds


If you are interested in learning more about edible and medicinal wild plants, this is a good start. Many of these “weeds” grow in urban areas. You’ll likely find several in your own yard.



 Weird Weapons In the Syrian Civil War

I have a fascination with weird guns carried in foreign countries.



‘I didn’t think:’ Men who disarmed shooter at a Hiram bar speak out


A man was thrown out of a bar.  He jumped into his truck and then crashed the truck through the front wall of the bar.  He then began shooting bar patrons and staff from his truck’s driver seat.  Alert bar patrons observed him reloading his pistol and used that moment to disarm him and clear the pistol.  The idea of waiting to counterattack until the killer’s gun malfunctions or is empty in an active killer situation is a sound tactic that you should remember and utilize if possible.

In the article Weapon Malfunctions in an Active Shooter Event, I discuss the concept and provide a detailed list of nearly 50 active killer attacks where the killer ran out of bullets or had a malfunctioning gun.



Eliminate Online Credit Card Theft with

Justin provides us with options so we’ll never have to deal with stolen credit card information from online purchases.



The science behind delayed interviews after a self defense shooting


Important research here.  It details why you might not want to make an immediate detailed statement to police after you’ve been involved in a shooting incident.



Tactical Pens: Ultimate Covert Defensive Tool?

My advice for using “tactical pens”:

Use a metal pen that doesn’t look “tactical.”

Don’t try any fancy joint locks, takedowns, or weapon disarms.

Hit the bad guy as hard as possible as many times as possible in the head/neck/collarbone area.

It’s not rocket science



My Favorite Ways to Save Money on Travel

One of the most useful travel articles I’ve read since the pandemic destroyed travel for so many people.  Maybe it’s a sign that the travel industry may be starting to become more functional for the future.



Fractures, Bones Contusions, And Sprains

Quality advice on some of the less sexy topics of survival medicine.  Buy the author’s The Survival Medicine Handbook.



How To Field-Strip S&W Revolvers

A very useful video for learning how to detail strip your Smith and Wesson revolvers.  The best reference book to help you out is JB Wood’s Revolver Assembly/Disassembly.



Springs Debunked

An interesting idea.  I’m going to have to try it.

“To prove that, do this… Assume your freestyle shooting position, aimed at the center of a target at 15 yards. Close your eyes, then fire the shot. Open your eyes and check the sight alignment. 

Repeat the drill with various weights of recoil springs.

With any spring, if the sights do not re-align accurately, you are “adding” something during recoil. A non-neutral grip is usually the culprit.”




Lots of quality restraint escape and lock pick tools hidden in a fake Chapstick tube.  I’ll be picking up a few of these as gifts for my friends who travel in dangerous places.

While you are on the ITS Tactical site, you should also read 40 Unique Places to Stash Firearms.



Where to Shoot

A valuable resource to find ranges close to your location.


Testing to Find the Best Tactical Flashlight

A phenomenally well researched flashlight article.

For some more flashlight information, read Guide To Buying A Quality Handheld Or Weapon Light and The Military Flashlight.



The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters: How to Improve Your Accuracy in Mild to Blustery Conditions


What I’m reading…

Trying to get better at a skill that humbles me.



Skills Check: The 3-Second Drill


A fun shooting drill if you are able to draw from the holster on your range.



Tell me you don’t know how to ‘Gray Man’ without telling me you don’t know how to Gray Man…

“The point is that clothing, bumper and window stickers, and overtly in your face slogans plastered on everything of a certain style, and any number of other indicators are expressions that declare you identify with a certain lifestyle. ‘Tactical Folk Dress’ is as blatant and predictable as Emo, Goth, Scene, Pride Ally, etc. and is its own brand of branding.

When you choose to be expressive, you aren’t a gray man. When you choose to wear the T-shirt declaring you’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 you aren’t being unobtrusive and low profile. You might not be open carrying, but it is probably the next best thing. Wearing gun brands or other identifiables is as indicative as printing while concealed carrying. It gives people information about you.”



4 Ways to Carry and Stage Your Tourniquet

Most of you understand the importance of carrying a tourniquet.  This article provides some carrying/staging options to allow you to use it more efficiently.



The Melinda Herman Case

I really like revolvers and have no problems with people using them for personal protection.  With that said, most don’t hold a lot of ammunition.  I really wouldn’t have liked to be in the victim’s case here.  She retreated into a crawl space with her two young kids during a home invasion.  The felon found her and threatened her with a crowbar.  She fired all six shots, hitting him with five out of the six.  She was empty and the bad guy was still standing.



Oregon man knocked out, hogtied active shooter

You might be surprised by the statistics, but the majority of active killers stopped in the act are stopped by UNARMED citizens, not the police.



Dark Arts for Good Guys: Break on Through to the other side

mistake 2

With the world’s current events, this might be useful information for some of you trying to deal with road blocks.



Malaysian Dog Attack Teaches Us Lessons

Have you considered that your gun may be needed fro four-legged predators?  I don’t walk through any residential areas at any time unless I have pepper spray on hand for an encounter like this.  If the spray doesn’t work, a contact shot with my 9mm will.



If You Have A Generator, Do This Immediately

Some good prepper advice here.



Tampons for Gun Shot Wounds – On Her Own

Sometimes I feel like I’m beating my head against the wall with regards to this issue.  Please don’t rely on tampons for wound packing.  Here is yet another video that explains why it’s a bad idea



Testing: A New Standard for Handgun Testing

The “Rehn Test” for evaluating the “shootability” of different firearms.




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