You Won’t Last one GRID DOWN Winter Without This…

How will you survive the winter if the grid went down? Without this vital prep your life won't be sustainable more than a few days. Its absolutely crucial that you make an investment in winterizing your home/stead with a wood stove or have some space heater that runs on a

The Dystopian Future: Man Vs Machine

The dystopian future may be right around the corner with the rise in automation which makes for a more efficiently run society, one in which no one has the right to do anything! SUBSCRIBE for never ending top notch endless survival content! Get a Bug Out Roll Here: Survival and Prepping

The #1 Tip for Surviving Federal Prison!

What is the # 1 survival tip for prison, find out here! Check out Fresh Outs channel here: Part 1 of this Series Part 2 of this Series Part 3 of this series Part 4 of this series Get a Bug Out Roll Here: Support the channel through shopping through this link! Support me on Patreon After the

Former Prisoner Speaks about SHTF: Will Prisoners Survive?

I talk to a well known former prisoner who has left the life of crime to educate people about the realities of prison. His name is Marcus and runs the successful youtube channel Fresh Out: Life after the Penitentiary. Go and subscribe to his channel here to learn how to

What “The Grid” Actually Looks Like: Interactive Tools

Here some very useful tools to help your post-disaster planning. These maps provide detailed information about the energy grids in North America. Support me on patreon USA Energy Mapping System Canadian Interactive energy Map USA Infographic QUICK overview of the Grid After the Collapse Series Playlist Here: Gear Review Playlist Interviews with Youtube Preppers Support the channel

50+ Best Prepper Movie’s and TV Shows!

★The full list: I have included al the trailers for the movies! Just click on Watch Trailer and a Trailer will come up in a pop-up. This is really nice becease you dont have to leave the site to watch the trailer! ★More Video's: ★Facebook Page: ★Instagram: ★Twitter: ★Pinterest: ★Google